Technical Parameters of the Publication


Please, send an article the journal email:

Text parameters:

Page size - A4 format;
Interval - 1.5;
Margins: upper and lower - 20-20 mm, right - 30 mm, left - 20 mm.
Text: Microsoft Word; Font size - 12; Font type: Sylfaen (for Georgian), Times New Roman (for other languages). Tables and drawings should be presented in the text as well as in a separate file; Drawings must be executed in TIFF, EPS, high-quality PDF, JPEG, spreadsheets: Word, Word Perfect, RTF.
Quality of photos used in the text - at least 600 "dpi" (images must be accompanied by captions).

The volume of the paper should not exceed 10 printed pages (including certified literature, tables, drawings, and pictures).

The paper must be submitted for publication on behalf of the Editor-in-Chief and signed by the author.

The paper should be written as follows:

- Full name of the author (s); Place of work, academic degree, address, telephone, e-mail;

- Title of the paper;

- Short Annotation;

- Keywords;

- Basic Text;

- Conclusion;

- Abstract in Georgian and English.

Citation of literature in a scientific publication

After the sentence quoted in the scientific publication, the brackets should indicate the name of the author or compiler (in the absence of the author, editor, publisher ...), the year of publication of the paper, and the relevant page; Eg: Putkaradze 2016: 77. In the case of two or more authors, three dots will be written after the first author. In the list of verified literature, the paper is indicated in detail by following the following rules:

- Book by one author:
Putkaradze 2016 - Sh. Putkaradze, Georgian of Chveneburebi, Book Two, Batumi, 2016.

In the case of several books/articles published by the same author in the same year:
Topuria 1942a - V. Topuria, for the ancient suffix of the verb in Georgian: Sak. Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Vol. III, # 5, Tbilisi, 1942.
Topuria 1942 b - v. Topuria, d- heading verbs in Georgian: Proceedings of Tbilisi State
University, Vol. XXV, Tbilisi, 1942.

- Book/article by two or more authors:
Imnaishvili ... 1996 - I. Imnaishvili, V. Imnaishvili, Verb in Old Georgian, Part I-II, Frankfurt am Main, 1996.

- Unauthorized book with editor or compiler:
Jordania 1897 - Chronicles and other materials of Georgian history and literature, compiled, chronologically arranged, and explained by T. By Jordania, c. 2, Tf., 1897.
Takaishvili 1913 - Old Georgia, Vol. II, ed. EQ. Takaishvili, Tf., 1913.

- Article from a magazine or newspaper:
Chantladze 2017 - I. Chantladze, Historical Svaneti from the Linguocultural Perspective: Journal. Kartvelian heritage, t. XXI, Kutaisi, 2017.
Topuridze 1925 - d. Topuridze, Samegrelo, and Ashordists: Gaz. "Communist", # 211.

- Newspaper article without author and title:
Notice sheet 1899 - Gaz. `Notice Sheet`, Tbilisi (Georgia), 1899, # 723, January 12.

- Encyclopedic or chrestomathy article:
Shoshiashvili 1975 - N. Shoshiashvili, Abuserisdzeni; Georgian Soviet Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, Tbilisi, 1975.

- Historical source:
Monuments of Law 1970 - Monuments of Georgian Law, III, Ecclesiastical Legislative Monuments (XI-XIX centuries); Texts published, notes and searches attached i. Dolidze, Tbilisi, 1970.
Chronicle 1987 - Chronicle, Centennial Chronicle; The text was prepared for publication by R. Kiknadze, Tbilisi, 1987.

- Description of the manuscript:
Description of Fund A 1973 - Description of Georgian Manuscripts, Collection of the Former Ecclesiastical Museum (A), Vol. I, e-mail Edited by Metreveli, Tbilisi, 1973.

- Archival material:
ktsa, f. 22 - Kutaisi Central Archive, Fund 22, Case 1396, Sheet 1.
MIA, F. 14 - Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Fund 14, Description 6, Case 266, Sheet 104.

- Electronic resources (electronic material must be accompanied by the date of access). Certification: 22.02.2019.

The list of references and references should be sorted alphabetically. The Editorial Board will not consider a paper that does not meet the requirements. Such work will be returned to the author for correction. Subject to the rules, the article submitted to the Editorial Board without the author's reference will be submitted for review to two specialists in the relevant field and will be published in case of a positive conclusion of both reviewers.

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Authors will be charged publication fees.