Peer Review and Selection Criteria


Rules for selecting a paper to be published in the journal "Yearbook"

The journal "Yearbook" will publish a paper that thematically and structurally meets the requirements and will be successfully reviewed. The topic of the paper selected for publication should be relevant, contain some novelty and valuable conclusions according to the relevant directions (which should be reflected in the conclusion of the reviewers).

Paper review/review procedure

The paper, which thematically corresponds to the profile of the journal and is prepared based on the established criteria, will be submitted for review to two experts/reviewers in the relevant field. The review is anonymous. Highly qualified scientists with significant achievements in their field will be selected as reviewers.
The reviewer evaluates the review paper according to pre-defined criteria and fills in the appropriate form. The review will be sent to the editor (s) within the deadline.

Paper evaluation criteria:

- Relevance of the research topic;
- The scientific novelty of the paper;
- The persuasiveness of the author's point of view;
- Professional integrity;
- Linguistic fluency.

Papers will be published in the journal based on the positive findings of both reviewers. In case of a negative review, the final decision on the publication of the paper is made by the Editorial Board.