General reuqirements of the publication


For the attention of the authors!

To publish a paper in a journal, the author must complete an application.

Language of the work: Georgian, Russian, English, German, or French.


General requirements of the paper:

- The paper should have: title, abstract/abstract, keywords, main part, conclusion, and list of referenced literature sorted by alphabet.

- A paper may have several authors (no more than 3 authors); Data about the author (s) (name, surname, country/city, place of work, position, academic degree, contact e-mail address, telephone) should be indicated.

- The summary should include the relevance of the topic, the purpose of the research, and the main conclusions. Must be at least 2500 characters. The published Georgian-language paper must be accompanied by an English-language abstract, and the foreign-language paper by a Georgian-language abstract.

- The author should attach 4-8 keywords to the paper in Georgian and in the language of the